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I have made some changes to my photo galleries and I hope that you can take a few minutes to take a look around. With the use of Photoshop (I'm still a Beginner with this software), my subjects are given the unique "Paris" touch.

Since I am now retired and have much more time on my hands, I am looking at ways to use my pictures in a more "non-conventional" way - - as those of you who know me will understand.

Enjoy, and if you have any comments, click on the "contact me" link and let me know what you think.

Pictures taken at Wildacres in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. This was the first time in twenty years I had seen the fall foliage. Mother Nature does know how to do her thing.

© Rosanne  Paris PhotoID# 562251: Purple Bloom DIGITALLY ENHANCED (25)
Giving Mother Nature's work the "Paris" touch.

© Rosanne  Paris PhotoID# 562250: Orange carpet of flowers FLOWERS & FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS (53)
The beauty of nature at its best!

© Rosanne  Paris PhotoID# 536531: Blending of colors GARDENS & PLACES FOR QUIET CONTEMPLATION (16)
That special place . . .

© Rosanne  Paris PhotoID# 9008192: Miss Emily NOT FLOWERS OR GARDENS (9)
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© Rosanne Paris

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